A Magician’s World

I envision a world filled with magic

Not one with much tragic

Where magicians, elves, and fairies dance among the forest

And there is no such thing as poorest


Bonfires paint the darkness with oranges and blues

Sparks flutter and shoot into the hues

The hoots of owls echo throughout space and time

With eyes that sparkle as green as lime


Each moment is as present as can be

Time is irrelevant to those who see

Mystic sensations for all to feel

Love from the heart chakra is all too real


The grasses are vibrant green

A land where its easy to be keen

Treehouses that appear to float in the air

Now I think that’s quite fair


This vision is calling me home

Its here and as real as Rome

Oh I can feel it become whole

It’s already a part of my soul


Copyright ©2012 Reid Garcia.


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