Transition from fear to power

What if I don’t make it? What if I can’t make the income I need to have a home and food? There is that deep fear that I feel today. It overcomes me so I feel paralyzed. What if I don’t become what I desire to be? What if I don’t become the healer that I want to be? I witness others who are thriving at being a healer. They seem to know how to do it. Why cant I? They seem so far advanced than I. What if I look stupid in front of others? What will others think of me? What if I don’t wear all of the cool new age clothes? These are thoughts that have emerged for me.

I allow myself to fully feel this feeling. To know that it’s ok to feel this is truly a blessing. When I sink into the feeling I can feel myself shift. I feel more grounded as I let the feeling just be and not to push it away. When I know that the feeling is not my identity, a new paradigm emerges. Its as if you are simply cutting through the fear. All of a sudden the same neighborhood I saw five minutes ago as a scary place, now feels like a playground with infinite possibilities. Possibilities open up that were not there before. The worries that I felt a few moments ago are no longer there. The present moment comes out to play. And now new thoughts emerge. A new world emerges. My body feels light and playful. Now I am in the truth of my power.

We are emotional beings. We are truly unlimited. We create our own reality. What do you decide to create?

And now a poem…


There is this pain in my gut


I fell into quite a rut


Stinging powerlessness


Over stimulating anxiousness


I’ve learned to try to shake it away


But it will decide to stay


Until I let it be


So comes the relief of feeling free


The present moment is about to be poked


My fire within is stoked


Infinite possibilities easily float into my space


What a wonderfully creative place



Copyright ©2012 Reid Garcia.


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