About Soothing Mystical Energy and Me

What is Soothing Mystical Energy?

Soothing: Calming / Relaxing / Relief

Mystical: Having a spiritual significance that transcends human understanding or having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence.

Energy: Universal Life Force / Chi


Who Am I?

I devote my life to wellbeing, being present in the now, sharing my soul essence out in the world, to be playful…

I practice qi gong to allow the flow of chi in my body. I use the chi in the energy sessions for the clients that come to see me. As a vessel for this energy that flows through me, this energy is beyond description in the english language hence the “mystical” term I use. This energy is an invitation to remember our truth.


I intend to radiate a high vibration to those that are in my presence. That presence alone can do some pretty amazing things!

I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for over a year and a half. The practice is esoteric and uses lots of “breath of fire”. The practices can be challenging, but are very rewarding. It helps to clear out lower vibrations from your body and auric field.

(photo by Amanda Jones)

(photo by Amanda Jones)

I love to meditate. I meditate in my room, out in the woods, walking around Boulder, Colorado…

©2008-2013 ~asmo71

©2008-2013 ~asmo71

The desire I have for you to experience LOVE is infinite! As you will eventually pass on from this physical body and move on as a spirit, what matters is LOVE!

Everything that I seek in life is within me. The wisdom is here. When I meditate and go within all that I need to know is all there! It is all there for you too!

Experiencing energy, both through receiving and giving massage, reiki, pyschic readings, access consciousness, and various workshops has allowed me to grow spiritually. What I have remembered is to let go of the struggle and effort while experiencing energy and to sink in to the ease of it. It is easy! When I have “tried” or “forced” to make something happen, then it become a struggle.

I have read various books on spirituality and healing. Its easy to think that all that information in those books is outside us. However, the authors of these books are bringing their perceived realities and translating them into the english language for us to read. I believe that the information through the words that they are writing is already what we know. Why does it seem that we are learning new material? Instead of using the word “learning”, I replace it with remembering. We are simply remembering this wisdom. We are remembering it because it was forgotten it just as our experience as humans had us forget that we are all connected, all one consciousness.

My experience of reading multiple books on healing has lead me to a new belief that I can energetically pick up on the words in the book to feel the essence of what the author has written. Again, just like “reiki” is much more than “reiki”, the words in these books are much more than the words in the book. I may read a book once and think that I have the essence of it, but if I read it again in a month or a year, I can pick up on a whole new reality. Certain words may jump out at me. You may read what I have written here and come back and read it a month later and a whole new awareness may be felt!

I look forward to sharing what I have to offer with you! Click on the links above to learn more about what I offer.

I wish you all the LOVE from the universe!

Reid Garcia

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