Guided Meditation

I guide you through a visual meditation to remember your truth and let go of what is not currently serving you at this moment.

The meditations invite you to visualize SOOTHING and HEALING imagery, which may include sacred geometry, crystals, the merkaba, and/or dna awareness….

Meditations are available to be integrated into my SOOTHING and HEALING Energy Sessions with Vocal Toning.

“Receiving Reid’s meditations has been an absolutely nourishing and inspiring experience, helping me to connect many different parts of myself which were fragmented. He taps into deep psychological data and integrates it, giving me a totally personalized meditative and spiritual healing. It has been an amazing blessing to meet with him and his gift in channeling intelligence direct from Source.”
~Will M.

©2010-2013 ~Soul7

©2010-2013 ~Soul7

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