Soothing Mystical Energy Sessions

Open yourself up to the gift of LOVE in the Presence of Peace and Relaxation…I invite you into a SOOTHING environment to HEAL and Balance your energy…RELEASING blockages and impurities and Restoring the Natural harmonious flow to your mental, physical, and emotional WELLBEING…Remembering that the HEALER is All Within You

A Session unfolds Naturally with the option of integrating a Visual meditation, Soothing energy, and Vocal toning…

©2012-2013 *FlorentCourty

©2012-2013 *FlorentCourty

“My energy healing session with Reid was wonderful! Using energy healing, touch and soothing sound therapy, Reid awakened my spirit, released emotional blockages, and left me with a clarity and peace. I felt truly cared for. After an incredibly difficult week, I was able to walk out beaming and glowing with my heart wide open.”
– Rebecca Mara

1 hour for $50 or 1 hour and 30 mins for $70

If you are not near Boulder, I can send distant healings.

Please call 719-671-4727 to schedule.

Love and light,

Reid Garcia

Reiki Master/Intuitive Healer

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