Spiraling up towards a higher vibration

Frustrations of creating a hard life with my belief

©2011-2013 ~fotophi

©2011-2013 ~fotophi

Now release to allow expansion into relief

Sinking into the ease of love

Soft and warm as the wings of a dove

Reprogramming my cells for this evolution

Empowering myself because I have the solution

Leaving more room for patience and creation

Spiraling up towards a higher vibration


©2013 Reid Garcia.


Circles emerge into Flower of Life

Merging the community awakens higher potential

©2009-2013 *AlexGroseth

©2009-2013 *AlexGroseth

Excitement builds as growth is exponential

Several circles magnetically attract in creation

Blossoming into the Flower of Life in formation

Accessing higher states of consciousness through merkaba activation

Our light bodies moving through space and time in animation


©2013 Reid Garcia.


Integration of the energy of childhood essence

In the flow of shining that bright luminescence

Art by *Timmetrius

Art by *Timmetrius

Release of the thought forms of illusion

Can feel like a mysterious sense of confusion

But when the dust clears

And a shift in the perception of fears

Creations of beauty shall emerge

As the projects of community converge


©2013 Reid Garcia.

Focusing Intention

Focus your energy and that’s where the vortex opens wide

Unraveling the mystery as you spiral inside

Shining your light in those dark caves

©2006-2013 *Solkku

©2006-2013 *Solkku

You are the one who saves

Unfolding emotions that have been stuck for a while

Its up to you which way you turn the dial

Will you ease through with empowering direction

And shine your vision of fine tuned selection

The gateway is open to the life of your desire

May you spread love with deeds that inspire


©2013 Reid Garcia.

The Shadow on your Shoulder

Flowing to the rhythm in the dark

©2008-2013 ~shapovalov

©2008-2013 ~shapovalov

Spirits guiding you toward the mark

Scary as it may seem that it’s a maze

Only if you believe it as so that it can be quite a haze

Listen to the shadow as it sits on your shoulder

I hear it’s the thing to do in this town called Boulder

Oh what a gift to hear from the raven

Layers of an illusional self shaven

The death of what’s ready to go

Relaxing into the rhythm of nature’s flow


©2013 Reid Garcia.

Sinking in Deeper

©2007-2013 ~imxanxillusion

©2007-2013 ~imxanxillusion


Sinking down through the dirt of the mother earth

Deeply grounding my roots to sprout a new birth

Supported by the density of this dark thick soil

Rising energies flowing up the kundalini coil

Magnetic attraction from the soles of my feet

Pulling me closer to that organic passionate heat

Receiving her love from that deep rooted core

The key has turned to open that wooden door

©2013 Reid Garcia.