Merkaba/DNA Awareness Meditation Live at Adi Shakti on 3/5/13

Here is a link of a live guided meditation that I did at the Adi Shakti Center in Boulder, CO. This meditation is for bringing awareness of the Merkaba that is around our beings to access higher levels of consciousness and awareness of our DNA. I hope you enjoy!

I integrate guided meditations and vocal toning with the healing energy work that I do. Call me if interested in a session in person or over the phone.

Infinite Love,


Circles emerge into Flower of Life

Merging the community awakens higher potential

©2009-2013 *AlexGroseth

©2009-2013 *AlexGroseth

Excitement builds as growth is exponential

Several circles magnetically attract in creation

Blossoming into the Flower of Life in formation

Accessing higher states of consciousness through merkaba activation

Our light bodies moving through space and time in animation


©2013 Reid Garcia.

The Shadow on your Shoulder

Flowing to the rhythm in the dark

©2008-2013 ~shapovalov

©2008-2013 ~shapovalov

Spirits guiding you toward the mark

Scary as it may seem that it’s a maze

Only if you believe it as so that it can be quite a haze

Listen to the shadow as it sits on your shoulder

I hear it’s the thing to do in this town called Boulder

Oh what a gift to hear from the raven

Layers of an illusional self shaven

The death of what’s ready to go

Relaxing into the rhythm of nature’s flow


©2013 Reid Garcia.