Merkaba/DNA Awareness Meditation Live at Adi Shakti on 3/5/13

Here is a link of a live guided meditation that I did at the Adi Shakti Center in Boulder, CO. This meditation is for bringing awareness of the Merkaba that is around our beings to access higher levels of consciousness and awareness of our DNA. I hope you enjoy!

I integrate guided meditations and vocal toning with the healing energy work that I do. Call me if interested in a session in person or over the phone.

Infinite Love,


Spinning the Merkaba

Shifting perceptions beyond the day-to-day routine

©2012-2013 ~matjosh

©2012-2013 ~matjosh

Feeling and knowing the dimensions beyond the seen

Activation of the merkaba to lift yourself higher and higher

The power of creation is burning as hot as fire

Elevation spinning up to new levels of being

Recreating the body’s cells to feel fantastically freeing


©2013 Reid Garcia.

Our Connection to Spirit’s Love

Ah the divine movement of creation

Experiencing the oneness of a mystical relation

Feeling our connection to spirit’s love

How beautiful to see it manifest through a white dove

Vibrant chakras spin to direct our desires

Oh the turning of these wondrous fires

There is no question to the limits of our worth

As we witness the potency of consciousness in birth









Copyright ©2013 Reid Garcia.



You are Me and I am You

As this moment slows down

Taking a gaze past distractions in this town

Peace and quiet weave into being

All beyond the act of seeing

As the mystery of the unknown is felt

This is what has been dealt

Somehow the pieces fall into place

Remembering that we are part of outer space


Higher frequencies are in focus

And that which is beyond a locus

Spiraling essences of consciousness abound

There is more truth to be found

When we seek more clarity

Our truth is one of prosperity


We can mold our lifes to what we choose

Eternal beings with nothing to lose

Shapeshifting what we know

To a place of warm felt flow


You are me

And I am you


We are forever alive

Its time to take the dive


Copyright ©2013 Reid Garcia.