New formation

In the silence of the night

©2011-2013 `lindelokse

©2011-2013 `lindelokse

A discovery of profound sight

Allowing new creations to take form

Even in the midst of the storm

Bringing all my energy into the now

Remembering my devotion through a bow

Sharing the gifts of light

Breaking the limits with a brand new height

Standing amongst the sound of creation

Witnessing the birth of a new formation


Our Connection to Spirit’s Love

Ah the divine movement of creation

Experiencing the oneness of a mystical relation

Feeling our connection to spirit’s love

How beautiful to see it manifest through a white dove

Vibrant chakras spin to direct our desires

Oh the turning of these wondrous fires

There is no question to the limits of our worth

As we witness the potency of consciousness in birth









Copyright ©2013 Reid Garcia.