The Power Of Us

A wondrous state of being in our power

©2012-2013 *Digithalie

©2012-2013 *Digithalie

Emerging of our true devotion as we blossom into a flower

Knowing that our potential exceeds what our eyes see

Divine dimensions for all of us to just be

Greater than the stories that have been told

A calling from our higher selves to be bold

The veil is thinning as we travel through this space and time

Uncovering the true treasures within that chime

©2010-2013 *FlorentCourty

©2010-2013 *FlorentCourty


The roads may be twisting

And what lies beyond the misting

Allows a rebirth as your auric body is healed

And a greater power will be revealed


Copyright ©2013 Reid Garcia.