Spiraling up towards a higher vibration

Frustrations of creating a hard life with my belief

©2011-2013 ~fotophi

©2011-2013 ~fotophi

Now release to allow expansion into relief

Sinking into the ease of love

Soft and warm as the wings of a dove

Reprogramming my cells for this evolution

Empowering myself because I have the solution

Leaving more room for patience and creation

Spiraling up towards a higher vibration


©2013 Reid Garcia.

Letting go to the winds of constant change

The βody wrapped up in a ςocoon

Winds of cönstant change form the ëvolving Ðune

Mεlting the past away with ä tear

What’s next will soôn be near

©2008-2013 `thespook

©2008-2013 `thespook

The ξmergence of something new

Which ïngredients do I put in this stew?

Trusting thåt ωhatever comes will bε right

Flöwing in the ωaters without a fight

The surface öf excitement bears itself nakεd on the shore

What’s βehind this next Ðoor?


©2013 Reid Garcia.

Spirit Moves Through You

Å ρlace of no ωordš

But mσvεmënt

But stillnεšs


Ås the βelly grows larger with an ïnhale

Änd shrinkš in an exhale


©2012-2013 *FlorentCourty

©2012-2013 *FlorentCourty


A place of Ålloωing


And ïntention


Änd Çreation




Ås špirit moves up through the chåkräs

Feeling this Vσrτeχ spin within ÿou


Ÿou are the Önê

Hεres to our ξvölutioπ


♥ ∞ ♥