Focusing Intention

Focus your energy and that’s where the vortex opens wide

Unraveling the mystery as you spiral inside

Shining your light in those dark caves

©2006-2013 *Solkku

©2006-2013 *Solkku

You are the one who saves

Unfolding emotions that have been stuck for a while

Its up to you which way you turn the dial

Will you ease through with empowering direction

And shine your vision of fine tuned selection

The gateway is open to the life of your desire

May you spread love with deeds that inspire


©2013 Reid Garcia.

New formation

In the silence of the night

©2011-2013 `lindelokse

©2011-2013 `lindelokse

A discovery of profound sight

Allowing new creations to take form

Even in the midst of the storm

Bringing all my energy into the now

Remembering my devotion through a bow

Sharing the gifts of light

Breaking the limits with a brand new height

Standing amongst the sound of creation

Witnessing the birth of a new formation

Channeling Creativity into Rebirth

Pulses of light travel through my body

Pulses of light travel through my veins

Pulses of light travel through my vessels


Where do I channel this creative energy?

Where it best serves all of humanity

Where do I focus this creative energy?

What are the possibilities where I haven’t looked?


There are infinite possibilities beyond the stories we have been told

What may seem impossible now becomes the possible

Becomes the possible


I open myself to receiving all of the divine inspiration that serves my highest good and for all of humanity

Its time to awake

Its time to awake


We can all cocreate a different reality

We can create a reality that is elevated for us all

A reality that we never thought was possible


Keep shining your light and I’ll keep shining mine

A deep passion within sees another reality expanding

And growing into a total new reality

A rebirth

A rebirth

Into the higher realms of possibility


How may I create the highest good through community?

Breaking through the illusion of separation

Into the divine birth of oneness


Oh how sweet the sound of this

The sweet sound of this

Feels so divinely wonderful


I allow ideas of divine inspiration to flow to all of us

Now is the time to activate, to stimulate our highest good

Now is the time to activate, to stimulate the kundalini within each of us


Copyright ©2013 Reid Garcia.