Focusing Intention

Focus your energy and that’s where the vortex opens wide

Unraveling the mystery as you spiral inside

Shining your light in those dark caves

©2006-2013 *Solkku

©2006-2013 *Solkku

You are the one who saves

Unfolding emotions that have been stuck for a while

Its up to you which way you turn the dial

Will you ease through with empowering direction

And shine your vision of fine tuned selection

The gateway is open to the life of your desire

May you spread love with deeds that inspire


©2013 Reid Garcia.

Letting go to the winds of constant change

The βody wrapped up in a ςocoon

Winds of cönstant change form the ëvolving Ðune

Mεlting the past away with ä tear

What’s next will soôn be near

©2008-2013 `thespook

©2008-2013 `thespook

The ξmergence of something new

Which ïngredients do I put in this stew?

Trusting thåt ωhatever comes will bε right

Flöwing in the ωaters without a fight

The surface öf excitement bears itself nakεd on the shore

What’s βehind this next Ðoor?


©2013 Reid Garcia.

You are Me and I am You

As this moment slows down

Taking a gaze past distractions in this town

Peace and quiet weave into being

All beyond the act of seeing

As the mystery of the unknown is felt

This is what has been dealt

Somehow the pieces fall into place

Remembering that we are part of outer space


Higher frequencies are in focus

And that which is beyond a locus

Spiraling essences of consciousness abound

There is more truth to be found

When we seek more clarity

Our truth is one of prosperity


We can mold our lifes to what we choose

Eternal beings with nothing to lose

Shapeshifting what we know

To a place of warm felt flow


You are me

And I am you


We are forever alive

Its time to take the dive


Copyright ©2013 Reid Garcia.