The Shadow on your Shoulder

Flowing to the rhythm in the dark

©2008-2013 ~shapovalov

©2008-2013 ~shapovalov

Spirits guiding you toward the mark

Scary as it may seem that it’s a maze

Only if you believe it as so that it can be quite a haze

Listen to the shadow as it sits on your shoulder

I hear it’s the thing to do in this town called Boulder

Oh what a gift to hear from the raven

Layers of an illusional self shaven

The death of what’s ready to go

Relaxing into the rhythm of nature’s flow


©2013 Reid Garcia.

Spirit Moves Through You

Å ρlace of no ωordš

But mσvεmënt

But stillnεšs


Ås the βelly grows larger with an ïnhale

Änd shrinkš in an exhale


©2012-2013 *FlorentCourty

©2012-2013 *FlorentCourty


A place of Ålloωing


And ïntention


Änd Çreation




Ås špirit moves up through the chåkräs

Feeling this Vσrτeχ spin within ÿou


Ÿou are the Önê

Hεres to our ξvölutioπ


♥ ∞ ♥


Our Connection to Spirit’s Love

Ah the divine movement of creation

Experiencing the oneness of a mystical relation

Feeling our connection to spirit’s love

How beautiful to see it manifest through a white dove

Vibrant chakras spin to direct our desires

Oh the turning of these wondrous fires

There is no question to the limits of our worth

As we witness the potency of consciousness in birth









Copyright ©2013 Reid Garcia.