Grounded Tree in the Raging Water

Become the tree in the middle of the raging stream

©2011-2013 *CainPascoe

©2011-2013 *CainPascoe

Embodying a solid, stable and grounded theme

Developing your roots deeper and stronger

Towards the cosmos your branches grow longer

No matter what flows in your direction

Ready in all of your perfection


©2013 Reid Garcia.

Balanced between the Heavens and the Roots

You are that master healer and sage

Ascending into the new age

Allow yourself to breathe in the new

Releasing the old way of being for a fresh view

Move that chi through your blood

Sinking into the roots of your tree further into the mud

Reach those branches towards the sky

Visions of spiraling sacred geometry pouring out of your third eye


©2011-2013 ~GlenMF

©2011-2013 ~GlenMF


Feeling balanced between the heavens and the roots

Soothed into the way of loving pursuits

You are solid, stable, grounded and well rooted

Perfect and whole and unpolluted

You are everything that you want to be

One with all of creation standing tall as the tree

And flowing with ease just like the stream

Worries and old patterns melted with a laser beam

Let them flow into mother earth

Are you ready for this miraculous birth?

©2013 Reid Garcia.